COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Here are a few ways to prevent the risk of getting COVID 19:

  1. Maintain a safe distance from other people.
  2. Don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unsanitized or unwashed hands.
  3. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth if you need to cough.
  5. Stay at home unless it is necessary for you to do an important errand.
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As a Retail Pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina, we want to help make sure that you have medicines whenever you need them..

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Helping you take your medicines on time and in the right dosage.

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We can have your medications ready for pick-up on schedule.

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MTM (Medication)Therapy Management)

We can provide you advice when it comes to your medicines.

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Welcome to You 1st Pharmacy

Pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina

Are you looking for a pharmacy that does not only provide you with quality medicines but also support you by offering assistance in adhering to your medication better? If you are, you have come to the right place. Our pharmacists are open to provide you advice and tips on how to properly take your medicines and even help you understand their effects and how they can help you be better.

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MissionStatementOur commitment to you.

At You 1st Pharmacy, our staff provides trustworthy and compassionate care in a friendly pharmacy atmosphere. Providing you with quality products and services allows us to be active participants in helping you live longer, healthier lives. We offer our underinsured patients reasonably priced medications and services to keep them compliant with medication…

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Accommodating your payment preferences.Insurance Accepted

We want to make your transactions with us as convenient as possible. This is why we accept various payment methods.

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Feel free to reach out to us if you have inquiries about our services and medicines. Our pharmacists will be happy to assist you.

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Convenient pharmacy transfer for you.Transfer RX

We can make the transition from your old pharmacy to ours easier for you.

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