Acting Without Consulting Your Physician

Acting Without Consulting Your Physician

We live in a world where information is no longer a difficult thing to access. With just one click of a button, you can get an entire plethora of answers to any question you can possibly think of. And while it’s good to do research on your own, consulting with a professional is still the safest route a patient can take when it comes to medication.

Whether its starting a new treatment or you have rising questions about an ongoing treatment that you’ve been undergoing for awhile now, asking your doctor for advice ensures that you won’t overdose or take the wrong medication for the wrong illness.

You 1st Pharmacy has been around for quite some time, and as a Retail Pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina we have seen what a misdiagnosis can do to a person.

Should you want to switch medication or change your dosage, make sure to inform your physician of your pharmacist ahead of time so they may instruct you on the proper ways to do it.

Our Pharmacy in North Carolina provides patients with top of the line medication and medical equipment available in the market!

Get in touch with our Neighborhood Pharmacy to know more about our services.

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