COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Here are a few ways to prevent the risk of getting COVID 19:

  1. Maintain a safe distance from other people.
  2. Don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unsanitized or unwashed hands.
  3. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth if you need to cough.
  5. Stay at home unless it is necessary for you to do an important errand.
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Are You Storing Your Medications Properly?

Are You Storing Your Medications Properly?

Where do you typically keep your medications? Do you keep it in your bathroom, kitchen cabinets, or bedroom? With over 70% of Americans taking at least one prescription drug, it’s critical to understand where to keep your drugs. Keeping them in an improper place can make drugs less effective and potentially dangerous if they are within reach of children.

Your medicine cabinet may appear to be the ideal location for storing your prescriptions, but it is not. Because heat, moisture, and light can all alter the active chemicals in your medication, storing it in a kitchen cabinet or a locked box may be preferable. Talk to your pharmacist about what can impact your prescription and where you should store it the next time you visit your neighborhood pharmacy.

Instead of storing medicines in a refrigerator, try placing them in a secure room temperature container, unless your physician or pharmacist advises you otherwise. Always avoid keeping drugs in rooms that may encounter extreme temperature fluctuations.

Prescription bottles are made to keep your medication out of direct sunlight. If possible, keep your drugs in their original containers. Safely storing medication also entails keeping it out of the hands of individuals who aren’t taking it, particularly children.

When you’ve finished your dose and want to get rid of the leftover, call your pharmacy in North Carolina.

If you’re unsure how to store your drugs, a discussion with your pharmacist is a good place to start. When you have concerns or questions about your medicines, please contact our pharmacist at You 1st Pharmacy.

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