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  1. Maintain a safe distance from other people.
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  3. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth if you need to cough.
  5. Stay at home unless it is necessary for you to do an important errand.
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Can Proper Packaging Improve Medication Adherence?


Many view product packaging as mere carriers for all types of goods, only to be discarded after using its contents. But proper medication packaging can be just the correct tool that leads to successful medication treatment. 

As a retail pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina, we know that maintaining strong medication adherence is a must when undergoing medication treatment. How can proper packaging supplement your adherence? 

  • Protecting Medications 

    Medications can be delicate. Your treatment will fail when you have compromised medications. This can affect your medication adherence and the overall progress of your healing.  With the right packaging paired with proper storage, the quality of your medications is preserved, ensuring their effectiveness.

  • Proper Labels 

    Our pharmacy in North Carolina also gives importance to labels. With bigger, clearer labels, you can avoid taking the wrong dosage. Proper medication labels also ensure you take the correct medication for the given time frame. Better labels help your adherence as they make the intake process easier. They help avoid confusion and minimize errors during the process.

  • Convenience 

    Many pharmacies offer multi-dose packaging if you are taking several medications at once. All your medications can be arranged conveniently by schedule, making it more effortless for you to track your medication intake. Through this type of packaging, you can’t miss a dose of your much-needed medication.


If you want to experience the advantage of proper medication packaging, call us at You 1st Pharmacy. We provide a range of pharmaceutical services in Gastonia, North Carolina, to help achieve better health.

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