Common Causes of Medication Non-Adherence


Medication adherence has always been a common problem among patients. And this is the type of problem that we shouldn’t ignore easily. Skipping or not taking your medication once or twice can already harm your health and worse, it may cause complications to your health condition. Why is medication non-adherence so common? What makes a person forget to take their medications? Listed below are some of the common causes:

  • Fear, worry, and suffering from mental health
  • Complex medication schedules and lack of symptoms
  • Misunderstanding the doctor’s instructions about the medication
  • Intentionally skipping taking the medications due its adverse side effects
  • Forgetting to get medication refills from their Pharmacy in North Carolina

Taking multiple medications is also hard to manage. So if you or your loved one is having a hard time adhering to their medications, you can always seek help from us here at You 1st Pharmacy, a reliable Retail Pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina.

As a trusted provider of Pharmaceutical Services in Gastonia, North Carolina, we have pharmacists who are open to providing you advice and tips on how to properly take your medicines and even help you understand their effects and how they can help you be better. We are always dedicated to helping our patients get the medicines they need anytime.

We also offer free blood pressure checks. So please do not hesitate to visit our pharmacy today!

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