How Pharmacy Deliveries Can Benefit You


Almost anything, from fresh groceries to your favorite restaurant’s food, may be delivered to your door. Even the medications prescribed by your doctor are no exception for delivery services. Having your medications safely delivered to your house using a prescription delivery service is more critical than ever when maintaining good health.

If you can’t visit a pharmacy in North Carolina to buy your medications for reasons such as illness or other factors, pharmacy delivery may be the solution for you. How does this service works?

When you choose pharmacy delivery, your medications will be sent to you directly from the pharmacy you usually use. You won’t have to waste time in traffic or go out of your way to pick up your medication. The convenience of having your medications delivered is primarily due to the time it saves customers. To keep spending unnecessary time waiting in line, you can have your prescription drugs sent directly to your house. 

It’s possible that forgetting or being too busy to visit the pharmacy when a refill is needed contributes to the fact that some people never take their medications as directed. By eliminating the need for patients to travel to the pharmacy, they can practice adequate medication adherence with this service.

Our focus, as a retail pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina, is on ensuring that our customers consistently take all their prescribed drugs. 

You 1st Pharmacy also provides other pharmaceutical services in Gastonia, North Carolina, such as multi-dose packaging, online Rx refills, medication synchronization, immunizations, and more.

Feel free to contact us at 980-320-0160 or for more information about our services.

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