What To Do For A Proper Check Of Your Blood Pressure


When it comes to taking care of our health, there are multiple aspects to keep in mind: our mental and physical health. From practicing a balanced diet to learning proper stress management, we do all these things for our own well-being. For any health conditions and concerns that you may have, You 1st Pharmacy is ready to offer you high-quality assistance.

A common chronic illness nowadays for all ages, hypertension, or more commonly known as high blood pressure, is when the pressure level in a person’s blood vessels is too high. Most of the time, people who are affected by this disease do not feel any symptoms, which is why it is also called “the silent killer.” The only way to know that you may have hypertension is to get blood pressure checks.

Here at our pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina, we offer a wide array of services directed at helping each of our clients stick to their medications. One of our services is blood pressure and blood glucose checking. When getting your blood pressure checked, you must keep the following in mind:

  • 30 minutes before the test, avoid caffeine and smoking.
  • It is best to sit quietly for five minutes before you get checked.
  • Avoid talking during the blood pressure check.
  • For reliable results, get your blood pressure checked twice.

All of the above are the necessary rules to follow to ensure accurate results of your blood pressure levels, and if you do have hypertension, our retail pharmacy in North Carolina will help ensure that you have the medications that you need for your health condition.

For quality medicines and support in your medications, we are who you can count on. Contact us today for inquiries on our pharmaceutical services in North Carolina!

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