COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Here are a few ways to prevent the risk of getting COVID 19:

  1. Maintain a safe distance from other people.
  2. Don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unsanitized or unwashed hands.
  3. Wash your hands as often as possible.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth if you need to cough.
  5. Stay at home unless it is necessary for you to do an important errand.
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Important Details You Need to Discuss with Your Pharmacist

Important Details You Need to Discuss with Your Pharmacist

As your trusted retail pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina, we aim to help you with your healthcare plan to maintain your health. For this reason, we can discuss your medications and disease management plan to provide you with information regarding the medications you need to take to maximize your health. Likewise, we will discuss the important details you need to discuss with your pharmacist:

  • Medical history
    Your medical history includes any past or current conditions, diseases, allergies, vaccine history, and family medical history. This information helps us provide you with the most appropriate medicine based on your health and needs. This also decreases the risk of adverse side effects caused by your prescription.
  • Health insurance information
    Your physician and local neighborhood pharmacy are great resources to navigate your health insurance plan or similar financial assistance programs. Discussing this information will help us submit your medications to the plan to determine if they are covered or will require a copayment. In case of issues or challenges with the payment, we may also offer additional revenues to help you get your medication.
  • Drug history and current medications
    This includes any prescription medications, supplements, and over-th-counter medicine. By disclosing this information, we can determine possible harmful drug interactions and side effects. This helps prevent serious drug interactions, allergies, and even prescription errors that affect your health.

You 1st Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy in North Carolina offering a wide array of services. From medication therapy management to immunizations, get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support your health.

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