Why Getting Your Shots Is Important

Why Getting Your Shots Is Important

One of the many services that You 1st Pharmacy offers is immunization. Immunization is a process where qualified medical professionals administer vaccines to make you resistant to various infectious diseases.

In most cases, you will visit your neighborhood pharmacy to get your shots. But why exert effort to get shots? The following are among the essential reasons for vaccination:

  • Protecting your health

    Many illnesses still do not have any known cure. Without treatment, these illnesses can lead to serious health complications.

    When you get your shots from a trusted pharmacy in North Carolina, you take a step towards protecting yourself. Immunization helps prevent you from getting these diseases.

  • Protecting the health of others

    Some people have weak immune systems. As a result, they get sick easily. Immunizations do not work effectively on them.

    The only protection they have against infectious diseases is for you or those people around them to be vaccinated. This way, there will be fewer chances for patients to contract such illnesses.

  • Preventing an epidemic
    When all people within your community get their shots, the chances of an epidemic is lesser.


For you, your loved ones, and your entire community to be protected from infectious diseases, immunization is a necessity. Visit our retail pharmacy in Gastonia, North Carolina to have your vaccines today!

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